Frozen Dream – Immersive Dance Theatre Project

The body exceeds its limits and merges with the cold but generous surface of the gigantic device. Sound interrupts a silent space and engraves shadows in the dust. Images awaken from legends beyond cultural memory. Something deeply rooted in our

Sberbank Humour Festival Final Show – Moscow

DenizBank Turkey team was awarded, communication honour price in Sberbank Humor Festival Final in Moscow. December 2013 Show: Sberbank Humor Festival (KBH) Final Duration: 30 Minutes Genre: Müsical Comedy Language: Russian Creative Director: R. Ömer Yavuz Stage Manager: Berna Güler

Swap Lake – Sberbank Festival, Belarus

DenizBank Team participated SBERBANK’s “No Boundries” themed Culture and Humour Festival. 26 – 31 August 2013, The semifinals of Culture and Humor Festival, between SBERBANK operation departments, took place in the Belarusian city of Vitebsk. The teams consisting Sberbank’s employees

Dream Shop “Musical” – R. Ömer Yavuz

 It is a musical play for children. No more information in this language. Concept & Choreography: R. Ömer Yavuz

Parıltı, Blind Children Supporting Association Event

Stage management of the event. Stage Director: R. Ömer Yavuz Stage Manager: Berna Güler

Carmela and Paulino – Jose Sanchis Sinistera

The things happened in in the middle of europe during world War 2 have inspired a lot of artwork and within these products people has the chance of discovering the meaning of living. In this point, it is understand that

Dream Stage – R. Ömer Yavuz

They imagined such a stage in which they can make real everything in their dreams. That was why they went asleep. When they were sleeping they were on that stage. Knowing that they will wake up eventually, they did whatever

Romeo & Juliet – W. Shakespeare

Who is in love more deeply? Cyrano or Romeo? It is such a famous play that it seems hard to speak ill about Romeo and Juliet who have been considered as the biggest lovers of all time. The topic of

Cyrano De Bergerac – Edmond Rostand

Kim daha aşık? Romeo’mu yoksa Cyrano’mu? AcademyRuya bu konuda tartışadursun, kim daha fedakar sorusunun koşulsuz cevabı Cyrano. Who is in love more deeply? Cyrano or Romeo? Let AcademyRuya argue on this topic, the definite answer of the who is more

I Close My Eyes, Do My Duty – Haldun Taner

The topic if the game is growing and ending is about Vicdani, who is patriot, can sacrifice his life for his nation,and his homeboy Efruz who does not hesitate using situations in favour oh himself. However, how political and social